BMW 2001-2006 E46 M3 Supercharger Water Intercooler Upgrade

The VF480 and VF570 supercharger systems for the E46 M3 (2001-2007) are capable of sustained performance over a variety of challenging parameters. The VF M3 S/C Race Water Intercooler was designed for racers looking to boost to compressor efficiency by spreading the thermal load over a much larger surface. Sustaining full throttle through 4 gears without releasing throttle requires tremendous design tolerance not only in the fuel management but also in the charge cooling department. The lower the charge temperature, the better the performance.
After extensive data logging with independent thermocouples throughout the air system, VF-Engineers found that upgrading the water cooler radiator kept air temps down through successive gears and not just a dyno pull in a single gear.
Analytics can be catered to show benefits of an upgrade, but we put this system to test on 16-19 psi supercharger setups to explore its potential. Positive results meant that we introduced this product immediately for the 6-10psi kits and not just the fully race built engine kits.
This upgrade is fully compatible for aforementioned systems and available to as an upgrade to replace your existing “street” radiator originally supplied with your VF-Engineering supercharger kit. The radiator shown in the image is the item described.

#1 in picture. 

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