BMW 2001-2006 E46 M3 Cooling Engine Oil Cooler Upgrade

VF-Engineering’s High Performance Oil Cooler offers a huge increase to the thermal tolerance of the M42 engine. With almost twice the surface area (1.3m² vs. 2.4m²) of the factory oil cooler, racers and aggressively driven street cars will never again see destructive oil temps during spirited use.Typically, E46 M3 oil temps remain within thermal limits during normal driving and the factory oil cooler does a decent job. Under sustained load however, the factory cooler quickly reveals its limits (talk to anyone who tracks their E46 M3). Temperatures rocket and oil starts to break down, which is a bad thing.
Designed just down the road, VFE’s High Performance Oil Cooler is a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory unit with pre-tapped inlets and mounting tabs. The cooler features robust, welded end caps, smooth internal passages and a very clean, powder-coat-like finish.
Based on its performance and quality, this oil cooler is a great addition to a VFE M3 supercharger system.

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