Audi 2012/2014+ R8 GT V10 5.2L ECU Software

ECU (Engine Control Unit) Tuning is the science of refining the factory calibration of an engine’s operation to enhance power and torque at the request of the driver. The manufacturer sets the engine performance with a series of functions, rules and data in the ECU software. Skilled adjustment of the data can allow safe increases in power and throttle response to your driving experience.

Hex Tuning is the software division of VF-Engineering and uses the state of the art equipment to develop and test effective ECU software upgrades for power enhancement without the use of any piggy back devices. ECU manufacturers like Siemens and Bosch use a range of complex microprocessors which are often accessible through the OBD2 (diagnostic port) or the manufacturers access port on the ECU itself.

Hex Tuning creates software upgrades for most high performance vehicles. Please use the contact us link to have your ECU tuned.

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